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ZeroTransform is a VR content studio located in Bend Oregon. With decades of experience in game development among the team, ZeroTrasform’s focus is to create experiences made better with Virtual Reality. VR leads the design process from day one of development instead of an afterthought addition.
We are independent and platform agnostic. This allows us to bring our experiences to all VR platforms.

The Three Pillars of VR


Oculus changed the landscape for consumer VR after the initial launch of the Dev Kit 1 Oculus Rift. Since then, competition and innovation has sky rocketed with big players like Valve debuting their VR system in partnership with HTC.

ZeroTransform has a strong relationship with Oculus and has provided some of the very first experiences for this platform. Our teams work together to ensure the best content for the end user.

Our team also works with Valve and their VR team to integrate Steam VR in our projects. We focus on providing our experiences to Windows and Mac users alike.


Smartphones have redefined mobile computing over the last few years. With that advancement, mobile VR has been the entry point for the public. With solutions like Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR, Virtual Reality can reach millions without the need for specialized hardware.

ZeroTransform has partnered with both Google and Samsung to provide top quality content for a range of mobile solutions. Our titles are available on both platforms in their respective stores.

Samsung has also featured Proton Pulse for demo stations world wide and included ZeroTransform for the launch announcement of the Gear VR.

Google has Proton Pulse and Vanguard V featured on the front page of the cardboard section of Google Play.

Home Console

Sony has been developing a Virtual Reality solution for years and will launch a VR headset for the PlayStation 4 platform in early 2016. This is a brilliant way for the large install base to enter VR with the comfort of a living room setting. With high quality hardware and ease of use, the Sony Morpheus VR platform has incredible potential.

ZeroTransform has worked with Sony in providing our titles to the Sony platform. Our team is licensed PlayStation developers with years of experience with Sony.

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Vanguard V

Vanguard V is a fast action VR experience that takes you on a journey from the low orbit of our planet, down to the very core. Designed for VR from day one, Vanguard V is a celebration of control, design, and amazing music.

Proton Pulse

Proton Pulse is excellent: a fun, fast-paced game that's perfect for a few minutes of free time ~Engadget World Premiere Megaton Announcement!  Proton Pulse is coming too 😉 Shuhei Yoshiday - President Sony Worldwide Studio Now, Proton Pulse returns and it’s better than ever. RoadToVR.com


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ZeroTransform can bring your idea to life like no other technology can. We specialize in VR development and are very dedicated to our work. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your VR experience is top notch.

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We are always interested in speaking with new investors
ZeroTransform is about bringing great content to Virtual Reality. With billions being invested into VR hardware, companies will need content specifically designed and made better by VR.

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