Meet Our Team

We live for Virtual Reality

Justin Moravetz


“Virtual Reality brings people closer than ever before into a world beyond imagination. Human perception can be seamlessly integrated into a digital existence. Never before has 3D content been so physical, so immersive, than in VR. We are at the forefront of innovation and I’m honored to be a pioneer in the wave of the future.” – Justin Moravetz

Justin Moravetz is the lead developer and founder of ZeroTransform. He was the primary creator of the previous VR title, Proton Pulse.

Moravetz worked on big titles like Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow, Resistance Retribution, and Uncharted Golden Abyss, before leaving to pursue is dream of VR devlopment. He believes VR is unexplored territory where new experiences are waiting to be invented. Dreams become reality and reality becomes dreams. He is also an avid chip tune composer, particle effects animator, and voider of warranties. His motto is “Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those who pursue.”

Scot Bayless
Scot Bayless has been a force in technology and entertainment for more than 30 years. As an engineer, he designed and built experimental hardware for US and NATO military forces. Transitioning in to a game developer, he created multiple hit titles, including the award winning Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Gold Box” role playing games. With the role of producer, he has collaborated with Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Nathan Crowley, Bruce Feirstein, Heidi Klum, and many others. Scot makes his home in the shadow of the Oregon Cascades with his lovely wife and a swirling vortex of dogs and cats and kids.

Heather Peterson
Associate Producer
Heather has 24 years of experience of living on planet Earth. Over these years has accumulated the skills of video producing (once with ninjas), songwriting, and marketing.  At the beginning of 2016, her love of video games became a career as she joined the wonderful team of ZeroTransform.

Jeffrey Hawthorne
Lead Software Engineer
Jeffrey Hawthorne's passion for video games started as a child when he tried his cousin's Nintendo. Since then, he has received his degree in computer science at CAL State Chico with a minor in math. After working for Sony and Play Habit, he became Lead Software Engineer for the one and only ZeroTransform.

Gary Spinrad
Audio Director
Gary Spinrad has been working with video game audio for over 20 years. Gary's work can be heard on Phantasmagoria II, Leisure Suit Larry, and five Call of Duty titles. In his spare time, Gary enjoys crushing watermelons and performing with his band, Elviss Simmons & the Memphis Strutters.


Athey Moravetz
Character Design / Rigging

Callyn Dorval
Voice Actress

Cascade Angels

Doug Beck
Optical Tracking Systems

Jake Kaufman
Composer & Sound Designer

Joey Groeneweg
Screenplay Writer / Voice Actor

Jon Brouchoud
Business to Business VR

Justin Spice
Concept Art / Art Direction

Karl Krantz
Marketing and Media / Business

Michael Lenzi
Business to Business VR