Our Games

Creating virtual reality games is our sole focus. Players are immersed into worlds that can only be appreciated in VR.

Beyond immersion is the sense of presence. It is easy to surround players in a scene, but it takes special care to give the feeling that they are physically present, not just an observer. We treat the player as a single entity throughout the entire experience. Every cinematic clip, transition, and gameplay element is specifically designed around maximizing the sense of presence.

Vanguard V Poster

Vanguard V

fast action rail shooter

Road To VR Logo

“Vanguard V feels like a love letter to the cherished arcade titles of the past without feeling one bit held back by their limitations.”-Road To VR

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Proton Pulse Poster

Proton Pulse

Classic Arcade Brick-Breaking Action

Proton Pulse Review

“Proton Pulse is simple, fun, addictive, and I highly recommend trying it out!”-Virtua.US

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Pulsar Arena Poster

Pulsar Arena

Rhythm Based Shooter

VR Giant Logo

“Pulsar Arena is like a futuristic, underground, rhythm battle club where you are in an hour glass shaped ring, blasting gems with eye lasers in time with the beat of the music to send them to your opponents side of the hourglass.” – VR Giant

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